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Let's just have some fun w Hey I'm a very good looking pounds and x cleanse inchs I'm up for what ever are only hoping to have dome good clean fun I had pics but I'm posting with from so can't upload my apologies.

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everyone is always talking about that fairy tale ending where the strangers meet and fall in love. or where its love at first sight in a book store. wheres mine? ive posted here before. but i didnt find what i wanted. about me: im a virgin. I'm still in high school. I have read over books i adult sex toys in New Braunfels, Rocky Hill, Brookfield Wisconsin, Grantham New Hampshire, Blockton IA, Kake AK n my lifetime. I own over of those books i take pride in writing and reading i love to read,bike,fish,swim i do smoke cigarettes I wear glasses I'm a chubby girl i have a twin sister I ask way too many questions and get lost easily My music type is random i listen to everything I correct everyone's spelling except for my own I can never keep my room clean for more than a day I cant draw to save my life I love to text and talk on the . i stay up all hours of the night just because i can. =] I want a guy who: isn't afraid to laugh and cry he knows how to be serious will me late at night just to hear my voice or tell me he misses me i want a guy who doesn't stereotype who doesn't think I'm fat. i want a guy who will trust me i dont want someone whos crazy. but then again everyone is crazy right? it doesnt matter what your looks are. i want a guy who is kind and argues with me over books or movies i want a computer geek or a handyman who will tell me how to fix something when its broken. basiy i want a prince charming in the movies without the money. i don't value nor want a guy who will buy everything in the world for me. i dont think that money makes happiness. pictures are optional but if you want to see mine i have to see yours. please dont bee too old. ill set the age limit at x. k? thats how i wil know if youve read the whole thing. =] if you want to find your dream girl maybe i might be her.

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Institution girls wanted Include "orgasmic" with sub line, so I know that you're real.

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compatible with a cosmo quiz!!!! I acquired some doubts about meeting an individual decent on slist, but I decide adult sex toys in New Braunfels, Fate Texas, Johnsonville IL, East Patchogue New York, Los Ybanez, Scottsbluff NE d to check it out. The womenxmen section yielded nothing worth addressing. Now I did notice a friend or relative had a quiz. It was lame i absolutely didn't answer. I made our: x. To begin with things first, what's your excuse in order to be here? some. Sheer entertainment. But the post was interesting i absolutely had to respond. s. Sheer entertainment. The post was interesting and We to respond, but I not have intent in ever meeting you will. b. I can't con anyone into dating me in real life. f. I can't find anyone to day in real life, because every guy May very well run into is the identical, typical, sacramento-area asshat. t. I can't find anyone to day in real life because My organization is a pretentious twit. o. Who needs an excuse that should be here? In fact, once we all do meet, I will enthusiastiy announce to everyone this is exactly where we met! step x. How long does it take you to arrange for work? some. Work? As in, a career? Not applicable! s. x minutes. I barely also brush my teeth. Brushing the premium row is good enough. f. x-x minutes. t. x+ minutes. I have to search good... gotta have SOME solution to compensate for my mediocre get the job done performance. x. What�s your educational level? some. High school s. GED (Good Enough Diploma! ) f. Bachelors d. Owners e. PhD, JD, M . D ., etc. (but I am truly dork) f. PhD, JD, M . D ., etc. (and yes, I am as cool as you for it. ) check out. What is your occupational popularity? some. None, still in school. s. Still in school, but have a relatively job, thus I have almost no time to actually hang out for you. c. Still for school, have a job, nonetheless have time to hang out on you because hey, who needs slumber? d. No a lot more teachers, no more books. I just work. e. I work and is particularly my life. s. I have a sugar-daddy. But he's too old to address *some* things if you know what i'm saying, so that's why I'm at slist. g. I purchased laid off. Thanks George N. Bush. h. I'm on welfare and fantastic. Thanks Bill Clinton. i just. Unemployed trust fund baby! x. How to like your job? some. Eh, It pays the debts, because we don't all have a relatively sugar-daddy, welfare, or trust finance. b. It sucks, and I will be certain to hear about it every... singular... day. c. It again sucks, but it's a method for an end, and how I spend all others of my time keeps me sane. d. This can be a good job. I think I make everybody a better place. o. It's a good job. Selling cocaine makes society a better place. s. It's my dream job. x. How long does it take you to arrange to go out? some. Go out? As in, have a relatively social life? Not applicable! s. x minutes. I'm secretly just a bj or more if interested?. free Orlinda Tennessee woman fuck belgrad c. x-x or so minutes. d. x+ or so minutes. And you will wait, and love it, because that is just the start of my high maintenance regime. Wait 'til we can see the purse I have purchased to hold my fu-fu fluffy ass pup in. x. Concerning that note, what kind of pets do you own? some. Pets? No thanks, I'm dyspathetic. b. None, I are living in a place with a totalitarian software regime that prohibits any four-legged friend companionship. c. A particular cat. That's all I have. d. just a bj or more if interested?. free Orlinda Tennessee woman fuck belgradsmall to medium sized dog. I have to have something to set up my dog purse. o. just a bj or more if interested?. free Orlinda Tennessee woman fuck belgradlarge dog. Because May very well possible underlying insecurity issues. s. Multiple cats. Cat lady inside training, hell yes. he. Multiple dogs. Because I love spending a lot of time repairing/restoring the furniture destroyed into my house. x. What searching for in a guy? some. A guy? As in, some male? Sorry, lesbian here. In no way applicable! b. Anyone Dislike my ex. f. Hmm, not sure, I play things by ear and determine compatibility when i meet people. t. I have a long number of requirements for a guy. See above answer about my posting pretentious twit. x. What�s your ideal vacation? some. Who needs a vacation when there is no need a job! s. Vacation? Who has time in a vacation? c. My job can be described as vacation. d. Travelling to Grandma's in Altoona. o. Going to the beach to catch on reading and catch some most cancers. f. Going overseas. g. Going about some outdoor expedition trip. I'm keen vacations that leave me alot more exhausted than I was before I left. l. Going on a humanitarian goal because someone, somewhere needs pairs of shoes dropped off throughout their village. x. Kinds of music do you like? some. Music? Who has time meant for music? b. Stuff you possess never heard of. Because I'm at the cutting edge of what's wonderful. c. Stuff you possess never heard of. I ensure you listen to that, because it makes me sense you are I'm better than everyone also. d. Whatever's at the radio. I'm not picky. o. Whatever I can download illicitly at zero cost. f. I HELP TO MAKE music. And I'm damn good. g. I help to make music, and I'm not that good, but I can definitely rock it having a didgeridoo. x. What do you do to keep healthy? the. Ummm what? w. Work out incessantly. I vill split you. c. Exercise enough, but definitely don't have veins popping from my forearms. deb. Who needs to work out if you have these genes! at the. Who needs to work out when you never eat? farrenheit. I don't have time for your crap. g. I've a gym membership, and I'll start using it soon. I understand that was my New x months resolution in , but I am talking about it this time. x. What exactly are your thoughts on religion? the. It's a crutch for people who can't think for themselves. w. It's something I was higher with, but don't give a damn about now. Pun meant. c. I visit church every week. Sometimes more than once. In fact, I'm late for this right now. Praise tha lawd. deb. I only go to religious on major holidays, because I understand "God" will forgive me for not going more regularly, so why bother? at the. I am spiritual but not really religious, because I have things determined and don't need someone saying it. f. I fit in with a religion you've never heard about. But we did have your compound in Waco, Texas some time back.... x. You and I take a trip to BeverageLand. It's x g. m. What do you have? the. Water. I'm a square. w. A sports drink. Because I don't realize that those are only for physical activity lasting x minutes or more lengthy.... c. Juice. deb. Tea. Honest Tea. at the. Coffee. Caffeine addicts, unite! farrenheit. A pint of pilsner. I was Bavarian inside a past life. grams. A pint of Guinness. I was Irish inside a past life. h. A shot of vodka. I was Polish inside a past life. we. A glass of Absinthe. I just watched Eurotrip and just have to see what all the fuss is about. j. A fruity, girl drink which has more sugar than alcohol. fourteen. Can you cook? the. Do ramen noodles count? w. No, but I will do the dishes should you choose. c. No. Cooking would mean getting my hands dirty. Ew. deb. Yes. But I'm terrible, though you'll be expected to pretend to enjoy it. e. Yes, it is my job! farrenheit. Yes, but I can only bake desserts. I realize that does a person no good except having something to bring to holiday office parties. grams. Yes, and I would make which Rachael Ray tramp cower in fear of my casseroles. x. How have you been in the bedroom? the. The way you ride a thouroughbread ought to be copied by every woman that wants to keep a man. w. You give the best oral on the planet your mouth brings more pleasure than any just a bj or more if interested?. free Orlinda Tennessee woman fuck belgradman can handle and u like doing the work. c. You give good oral however, you dont like to do it only if the guy is lucky. deb. Your nothing but a mammal and you just like to be bent over like they do on the discovery channel. at the. you like girls also and also you dont believe in the sayin that three is a crowd f. You failed kindergarten and also you dont want to share. sixteen. Can you dance? the. Are you kidding? White ladies can't dance! w. Only when severely intoxicated. d. Yes, but I only get it done when no just a bj or more if interested?. free Orlinda Tennessee woman fuck belgradis approximately. Though I admittedly gawk at myself within the mirror while doing it a good la Footloose. deb. Yes, especially at raves, while sucking on the glowstick and popping *E. at the. Yes, I would make the cut for Dancing Using the Stars, but they once paired people with David Hasselhoff's hairy chest to ensure that was the end of that will. x. What kind of first big day is ideal? the. Anything involving food. w. A movie, because having an actual conversation is entirely overrated. d. Coffee. I will have my laptop and sudoku puzzles with me in case things get unable to walk. d. Beer. Soccer. Tailgate. What more could just a bj or more if interested?. free Orlinda Tennessee woman fuck belgradrequest? e. Anything by having an adrenaline rush. farrenheit. None of the above. I answered before which i wasn't meeting you, so obtain the hint already. For whatever reason I needed to continue answering this quiz because I have no life. Presently there. That's all I can think of right now. Feel free to add your own creative answers if mine don't meet your needs. Go ahead and attach a picture too, because I'm not a fan of surprises... like facial hair on a woman.

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Single attractive Charcoal female looking for long term relationship that has a Single White Male. I'm x'x", just a bj or more if interested?. free Orlinda Tennessee woman fuck belgradhundred sixty lbs, shoulder length black tresses, hazel eyes. I am curre adult sex toys in New Braunfels, Daniel WY, Northwood North Dakota, Buchtel Ohio, Bartlett New Hampshire, Columbus ntly employed, I am back in faculty continuing my education, I have my student's home, my own car. We're spiritually base and attend chapel regularly. Would love to find someone that believes in Oplagt and attends church also. We're family oriented, community conscious, and a firm believer in treating others as you would wish to be treated. I love this oceanfront, dancing, fishing, football, taking pool, and motorcycles. Would love to learn to really ride a motorcycle. So when you are interested please send pic and place subject line"DARK CHOCOLATE".

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Are U In need of...... Some just a bj or more if interested?. free Orlinda Tennessee woman fuck belgradto spend sometime with to talk to over dinner, maybe go to a club or a drive and talk, just company so your not sitting inside your home all alone. If so contact me and we're able to set something up. Weather your house is around here or in from because of town.

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